Void formers for concrete construction

Construction workers are constantly looking for ways to use lightweight materials when designing buildings. Void formers are used for landscaping projects because of their weight-saving advantages and insulation properties.

Why are void formers used in concrete construction?

Void formers help, to reduce the overall volume and weight of large buildings, bridges, and road infrastructure projects.

Gaps between layers are created to give access to services and lighten the structure. Void formers are made from EPS block foam or expanded polystyrene foam. These give buildings comprehensive strength yet are lightweight, durable and customizable.

Void formers are used during construction for their versatility and load bearing characteristics. They are an ideal solution for a number of building and construction projects. They are also known to provide additional support to the concrete and other structural components. these are a few reasons why void formers are an essential part of any large scale construction project.

 Contractors must be careful when installing void formers to ensure success of a construction project.

Challenges faced by contractors when using void formers

  •  Ensuring proper location.  Maintaining the proper location of void formers in their designated position before and after the concrete placement and vibration process can be a challenge for contractors. However all this can be handled with careful planning and attention to detail.
  • Adequate concrete flow.  Contractors need to make sure that the void formers are adequately surrounded with concrete and that it flows naturally to achieve better stability and integrity.
  • Void formers need to be aligned and reinforced. Specific designs require voids to be aligned with the main reinforcement for better concrete distribution and strength.

Installing void formers

  • Void formers should be covered by at least two inches of concrete to protect secondary reinforcement and prevent impact penetration.
  •  There should be a minimum spacing of two inches when multiple void formers are used side by side.
  •  The concrete mix should be spread evenly across the platform during placement to prevent uneven distribution and allow vibration.
  •  It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines during void former installation. The product should be tied down securely to prevent movement during vibration.
  •  Void formers can be made secure by using space blocks which can be wired to the main reinforcement.

Applications or void formers

  •  Void formers are used during construction process to ensure proper load distribution and stability of the structure. Concrete void formers are available in standard blocks but can be customized to suit different projects. Several contractors offer a customized cutting service for concrete word formers for a variety of construction projects.
  • Void formers can also be used as insulating layers in concrete structures and can be a highly effective medium of insulation due to its thermal properties.
  • EPS blocks can be used during wall cladding. These high density void formers are sprayed with a polyurethane  hard coat finish which can create unique wall cladding finishes.

Speak with a void former specialist when choosing the best void formers. They can provide you with custom solutions. make sure to take a look at the portfolio or visit them in person.

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