How Do You Determine When To Change Your Forklift tyres?

How long have you been using your forklift tyres? Have you ever wondered whether you should change them? How do you tell when you should change your forklift tyres? If you are a forklift owner or operator, these are among the questions that linger on your mind occasionally. All you have to know is that you cannot wake up one day and just decide to change your forklift tyres. Instead, carefully examine them and determine if they require changing. This article will discuss the guidelines you should follow when determining when to replace your forklift tyres.

Guidelines For Determining When To Replace Forklift Tires

The following are the factors that guide you on when  to replace your forklift tyres;

  • Treadwear

This indicates the condition of your forklift tyres and their performance. Therefore, make sure that you inspect your forklift tyres regularly using visual inspection or tread depth gauge. If you realise that the forklift tyres’ depth has reached the minimum tread depth the manufacturer has recommended, it means that your forklift tyres need changing to ensure that there is enhanced visibility and traction. Experience the difference with Bearcat NZ forklift tyres, engineered to withstand the toughest conditions and deliver superior performance.

  • Visible damage

During your visual inspections, if you realise that there is any visible damage on your forklift tyres, you should change them. This includes issues like cuts, punctures, wear and sidewall damage. Always remember that even minor damages can compromise your forklift tyres’ integrity and could cause tyre failure/  this is why you have to replace any forklift tyres with significant or irreparable damages.

  • Uneven wear patterns

Check for any signs of uneven wear patterns on your forklift tyres. This includes things like scalloping, feathering and cupping. When you see any signs of uneven wear, it indicates suspension problems, proper tyre inflation or alignment issues. Therefore, you must address these issues and replace your forklift tyres when necessary to prevent further damage.

  • Age of the forklift tyres

How long have you been using your forklift tyres? The length of time you have been using your forklift tyres will determine the age of your forklift tyres. This is one of the things that will help you decide when you should change your forklift tyres. Eleven when your forklift tyres seem to be in good condition, aging can degrade rubber, increase susceptibility to damage and reduce elasticity. Therefore, you must ensure that you replace your forklift tyres if they exceed the manufacturer’s recommended service life.

  • Loss of performance

You need to keep monitoring your forklift tyres’ performance over time. This will help you notice any significant decrease in stability, handling and traction of your forklift tyres. When this happens, it is a sign that your forklift tyres have come to their end of service life and should be replaced. Therefore, if you realise you have tyres that do not meet their performance standards, you should replace them as fast as possible to maintain safety and efficiency in your operations.

  • Operating conditions and load capacity

Evaluate your operating conditions and load capacity to determine the intervals of changing your forklift tyres. When you use your forklift frequently, on heavy-duty operations and in harsh environments, you accelerate their rate of wear and deterioration. Therefore, you must know your forklift tyre replacement intervals based on your operation conditions and load capacity.


Your forklift depends so much on your tyres, so you should ensure they are in their top-notch condition. Therefore, make sure that you replace them when necessary. If you do not know when to replace them, consider the above factors, and you will know when. 

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