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Resources are widespread across the globe and the only real effort that we need to make is to extract them. However, resource extraction is not an easy deal. It requires the use of heavy industrial equipment and skilled employees to really complete the process.
Brighton Mining Group helps organizations undertake effective mining efforts by providing resources and machinery to help them mine effectively. Our operations in Australia have added value to several businesses around the world.

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Among the services

Among the services that we offer, we revolve mostly around the major factors of production for the mining process that principally include machinery and labor.

providing our machinery

In providing our machinery to all the organizations, we take special care about the intended purpose of the machinery. For that very purpose, we ensure that the machinery that we provide are fit for that purpose. Not just that, but our machineries are regularly maintained and operated with a skilled operator that understands the proper method of understanding it.

Having taken up that topic,

Having taken up that topic, the services that we offer also include the skilled labor that really understands the work that he/she will undertake. We ensure that we have all workers with all sorts of skillsets to provide to our clients. In case we do not, we ensure that we find the required skill or train our workers to develop that skill so our customers can always find the best.

Our clients say

Kevin Bray

Matrixo CEO & Founder

In addition, our services also include consultation services to help our customers understand the type of mining that they want to undertake.

Melina Matsoukas

DOBL Customer Manager

Furthermore, we consult customers on the suitable way of mining.


5 Tips For The Maintenance Of Your Mining Equipment

Mining is a dangerous job that gathers various people and offers them a source of employment for a specific period of time. The reason why the job is restricted to a specific period of time is because of the conditions prevailing in the mining industry. The mine is operable only if the mining equipment is functional because considering the working environment there, people cannot direct certain actions without heavy machinery. The only way these tools and machines such as bobcat hire sydney can remain functional is if the maintenance is carried out effectively and efficiently. Here are a few tips on how you can maintain the machinery restricted for mining.


The equipment used in mining tunnels are durable and strong because they are expected to run for long periods of time. But this durability does not relate directly to efficiency because it is through maintenance of the tools that they remain efficient in their mechanism. Lubrication allows the different parts of the equipment to remain working in a system and directs a working force of effectiveness. If one part of the machine is damaged, the whole system falls which is why lubrication is the most basic maintenance tip.


The mines are rocky, hard and dirty. The equipment used in these tunnels are constructed so that they can endure the hard strength of the tunnels and remain protected from the dirt. However, without cleaning, these parts are left with excess dirt that affects the efficiency of the work. Proper cleaning of the parts of the machine will make the working speed faster.

Observational eye

If you do not keep a keen observational eye on your equipment, you might as well lose the machine you have for the mining. Paying attention is a key element to keeping the tools of any working force maintained because it provides a suggestion on what needs to be fixed and when it must be fixed.


Another important part of maintaining the mining equipment is to keep an eye over the wear and tear of the tools. If you see that the machine has started working slowly or is not working normally, you should immediately check the machine for repairs. An ignored problem, although small, can lead to bigger machine failures that can affect the efficiency of the working system.

Trained workers

The maintenance tips can only come in handy if the workers are trained to use the equipment properly. This is important because if the workers do not function the machine properly, the tools might be subjected to failure. Moreover, it is the workers who work with the machines daily, they will be able to spot any abnormality faster than any maintenance worker in the mining field.

Bolivia, the underground mines of Potosì

We are in Bolivia, in Potosì, the country that, together with Paraguay, represents the poorest in the second world, South America. Here, in spite of this, there is an inexplicable energy: on the streets, among the people and even underground. You would never imagine being able to live whole days without seeing the light of the sun, breathing toxic dust, making only one meal a day, going from 40 degrees to zero in a few minutes and slipping into narrow tunnels hundreds of meters below the ground with a whole mountain with holes in it a gruyère on the head?
In Potosì, for generations, mining work has been the main use and has been handed down from father to son as if it were an art.

A miner is a true entrepreneur of himself, he pays an annual concession to a cooperative for the use of the mine and all he finds is his except for another 15% that he leaves each month to the latter.

The miners are divided into 2 categories: those who find the vein of minerals, make a fortune and consequently in addition to buying a house and a car, they are able to improve their working standards (trivially, they can get oxygen tubes into their excavation area or use modern tools for mineral extraction) and those who do not make a fortune and continue to live in poverty and work with methods that date back to the 1600s. The 2 categories share the same fate: to live no more than 50 55 years.

We went down into the Cerro Rico active mine accompanied by former miners (ex only because they were hit by serious accidents that although they spared their lives, they no longer allowed them to continue their work) to touch art, difficulties and devotion of those who come down to work underground.

Just like a miner does every morning, we stopped to buy a stick of dynamite for 20 bolivianos (about $ 3) and stock up on coca leaves (the miners chew up to 300 a day, about 25 times more are used to make Bolivians, not to feel hunger, thirst, sleep, fatigue).

We have witnessed their preparation: before going underground, they spend a few tens of minutes in total silence, thinking only of what they will have to do once in the mine, a sort of mental and spiritual retreat.
Already a few meters from the entrance we were attacked by dust that made breathing almost impossible, we walked on all fours going down tunnels from which we could hardly pass, all with the temperature increasing and the oxygen decreasing. Some of us have had to go back and those who have remained have done some psychological work on themselves … yet they are the heroes who live it every day.
The mine is a sacred place, the miner worships 2 deities: the Pachamama (mother earth) and El Tio (the lord of the subsoil, companion of Pachamama).

Both deities must be honored. Since the mine is a place devoid of all life, the Pachamama is celebrated once a year with a real feast that takes place underground. On this occasion the mine is embellished with flower petals and colorful festoons with the sole aim of making it beautiful, alive and fertile so that it can return gifts.

Mining Cryptocurrencies: Complete guide to mining

The world of cryptocurrencies offers many interesting insights not only because it could soon become part of our daily life but also and above all because cryptocurrencies can represent today as today a valid outlet and outlet for those who have money to invest or general looking for a way to earn.

In this paper we deal with the fundamental concept of undermining cryptocurrencies .

Trying to understand what it is all about and what this expression now enters in the vocabulary of many people who carry out this activity on the net, a phenomenon that has experienced great expansion in the past.

In practice, as an introduction we can say that mining is used in cryptocurrencies because there is no other way to issue money. So the system and the meaning is already quite clear.

That is, in a system that does not provide the central bank that is able to print and physically produce money, we rely on new and more ingenious systems for issuing money, so that since the bitcoins and the world of virtual coins in general exist , there is also the mining activity , this is changing over time and therefore we start from trying to do some history of this activity.

Mining cryptocurrencies: the meaning

So what happens? In practice, the bitcoin network stores transactions within data structures that are called jargon blocks , these blocks are able to track transactions and testify to them.

In order for a block to be added to the block chain (this is the huge public database containing all the transactions that have ever been done in bitcoins) and therefore becoming an official part of the bitcoin world, a computer must “Close” by finding a particular code.

This is the seemingly very simple bitcoin system. The code can only be hit by numerous attempts.

What does cryptocurrency mining mean?

Doing this operation allows the block to crystallize preventing any kind of future modification, so it is clear that this is the system that allows bitcoins to exist and to be safe and very used, they are in fact reliable like a normal coin.

Whoever finds the code we were talking about is rewarded with a certain amount of bitcoins, in the past for example 25 bitcoins were given for having closed a block and in addition they were rewarded with all the transaction fees that he entered in a block, this was the main incentive to donate car time to the bitcoin cause.

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