Solar Power Plant Control – SMA  sma logo

SMA is arguably the leader is large scale solar farm power plant management technology. Key benefits include:

Higher returns for plant operators:

  • Reliable technology and smooth operation
  • Maximum system availability
  • Quick and precise management provides optimum plant operation

Grid operators profit from:

  • Grid stability as a result of predictable PV plant behavior
  • Easily connect PV power plants to transmission lines
  • Highly flexible control functions resulting in added stability

Developers can successfully plan their projects with

  • SMA experts who assist in PV plant design
  • Easy commissioning and parameter setting
  • System flexibility accommodates all PV plant topologies
  • Quick authorization and existing certifications for grid connection

SMA has the expertise, experience and design knowledge to implement commercial sized solar farms. BG Technology recognises the value of partnering with groups like SMA to offer the highest quality, state of the art solar power plant control systems. Further information at:

Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) was established by the Australian Government to make renewable energy solutions more affordable and increase the amount of renewable energy used in Australia. We have a budget of approximately $2.5 billion to fund renewable energy projects, support research and development activities, and support activities to capture and share knowledge. As of 29 September 2014 ARENA is subject to federal government cut backs in funding and the organisations future is under review. Further Information at:


Kyocera – Premium Quality, High Specification Photovoltaic Panels    kyocera-logo

Our Preferred supplier for solar panels: KYOCERA

Kyocera multicrystal photovoltaic KD Modules utilize a larger,
more powerful, high efficiency 156mm x 156mm solar cell
and produce higher output per module.
• Quality locking plug-in connectors to provide safe
and quick connections
• UV stabilized, heavy duty, and aesthetically pleasing
black anodized aluminum frame
• Easily accessible grounding points on all four corners
for fast installation
• Proven junction box technology with 12 AWG
PV wire to work with transformerless inverters


Solar Power Engineering Consultancy

John Grainge (BEng, Phd). Mr Grainge has 30 years experience in solar power system design at residential, commercial and power plant level. He currently runs an Adelaide Solar Panels Blog and has made submissions to government enquiries into the Renewable Energy Target, Australian solar roof top programs and large scale solar farm implementation. He has research experience in solar panel design and semiconductor physics and has worked at the University of N.S.W. as a researcher into high efficiency solar panel and solar module fabrication. Further details at:

Australian Government Agencies

Renewable Energy Scheme Details at:

Clean Energy Regulator: